"The Billboard"

You can't write stuff like this. But if the past few days of my life were made into a sitcom episode, it would be called "The Billboard" — or if it were an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" this would be called "The One When Jen Takes a Photo of a Billboard."

It all began with a harmless coffee break. My co-workers and I walked up Broadway to Crumbs for some caffeination when we saw a strange billboard. The lovey-dovey couple on the billboard coupled with the quote "you are my soulmate forever" made us wonder. Since we are media people at first we thought, "this has to be some kind of marketing/pr move!"

Who are Charles and YaVaughnie? by Jen Gallardo, some rights reserved
Who are Charles and YaVaughnie? by Jen Gallardo, some rights reserved

When we saw the website that the banner linked to, we were most definitely sure it had to be some kind of marketing scheme. The website was a 90's era (meaning: bad) site consisting of a bunch of photos of the joyous couple and quite a few karaoke recordings we'll have to imagine they did together (who records their karaoke outings…?). Continue reading ""The Billboard""

Attack of the killer heels (and handbags)

I had no idea that counterfeit goods (you know, the fake Fendi and Coach bags you find on Canal Street in New York City) come with a world of terrible human rights abuses attached to them!

This is further proof that I just need to shell out the cash and buy really lovely expensive purses. I recently bought a beautiful LAMB bag (that's Gwen Stefani's line). It was a great deal at Century21 — nearly 50% off! I still haven't quite found a bag that I can use to lug around my camera and extra lenses. I'm thinking the Coach Madison bag (in the, unfortunately, more expensive large size) would do the job. If and when said bag is in my hot little hands, I will certainly do a photo series of it!