Reflections on a Crazy Year

It’s been a crazy year!

While it may seem trivial to some, moving is a big deal (especially for folks like me who enjoy nesting).

And, I need to take a second to write it all out to reflect on how much we’ve accomplished because too often I’m in “go” mode that I forget to look back on what I did right. In fact, looking back at my “anti-resolutions” for 2018, I made a specific point to mention reflection so, without further ado, here’s a very quick reflection on the past year.

In January, Anthony and I were celebrating a long weekend with my family outside of Miami. We hoped that our closing would go as scheduled the following week. And we had no idea what we were in for!

Come February, we had the month to get the house ready for move-in during the long President’s Day weekend. With the help of friends, family and hired guns (movers and handymen and painters) we were able to move almost a decade’s worth of stuff, including a piano.

By March, we were tired of shoveling snow but had a living room that looked mostly unpacked. It’s amazing what getting a coat rack did to alleviate chairs formerly used as coat racks! And we were almost on House Hunters.

In April, we escaped the snow (yes, still more snow) to the desert of California for a fantastic wedding. I wish I would’ve bought cowboy boots, but my short booties survived the dust.

During the month of May we took a short voyage away from the house to Philly for a baseball game that was actually rained out. We ate all the food and hung out with fun people, which obviously saved the trip.

By June, Anthony became an expert at putting up cordless blinds. I’m absolutely in love with cordless blinds now and would recommend them to everyone I know — they are so much easier to operate than conventional blinds and we got them for cheap from Lowes.

For the 4th of July, we had our first overnight guests in our home. It was incredibly hot — and the house was not yet insulated — but they were incredibly good sports and enjoyed the themselves anyway.

In August, we finally got new gutters installed and had our video doorbell up and running. For the next month, I would find bolts from the old gutters hiding amongst our hedges.

For Labor Day weekend in September, we traveled down to Southern Maryland with friends and ate all the crabs we possibly could. Despite this, we were left with bags of extra crabs!

In October, Anthony finally got his license to drive (hallelujah!) and we finally got the large stumps outside of our home removed. We also had the pleasure of giving out candy to trick or treaters for the very first time.

We hosted Thanksgiving in November which was the first time we’d had that many people over for a sit down meal at our new dining table. It was a nice gathering of both families but we might need a bigger oven for next time!

Finally, here we are in December and there are a great many highlights that I’ve neglected to mention but feeling very fortunate to have gifts under the trees and many people with which to enjoy those gifts.

I will be spending the rest of the year reconnecting with family and friends and resting up to be able to hit 2019 with full force come January. Lots of fun things brewing for next year — a new podcast, some larger scale renovations and an international voyage — which I hope to share more about here on the blog.