Little Victories: My New Mailbox

When we bought our house, the seller left behind a replacement mailbox. She said it was something she wanted to get around to fix and never did. One day, I decided to make that a reality. Well, take a step back actually, I decided to make that a reality because the existing mailbox's lid had come apart in my hand the last time I checked the mail!

Old, sad mailbox
Old, sad mailbox

I didn't like the new mailbox but decided to remove the old one that was attached to the siding of the house and replace it with the new one. At least it would be functional.

But, of course, that didn't work.

The old mailbox was a little narrower than the new ensuring the new didn't fit in the space. Because I didn't want to make even more holes in the siding, I decided it was time to get a new mailbox on a post and use that instead.

And, in order to install it, I first had to get rid of all the weeds in the little garden by the front steps.

Also, I realized the old mailbox was the only thing on the house that had our house number on it! I also had to buy new house number stickers to apply to the mailbox.

But now that it is finally installed and decorated, it fills me with so much pride. Even if the rest of my front yard is still a mess!

This little victory could not be possible without a few specific items I bought off Amazon:

  1. Craftsman Style House Numbers: these are the exact numbers I put on my house. I don't mind if you copy me — but if you do, tag me on Instagram (! These were super easy to install with the directions provided (which encourage you to enjoy a beverage when you are done — I can get down with that!). They also come with several sets in case you mess it up or happen to have multiple of the same number in your address. Same manufacturer has other styles, too, in case Craftsman is not your thing.
  2. Gibraltar Mailbox with Post: this is the exact mailbox I purchased. It's a great deal when you realize it's a big mailbox AND the post that goes into the ground. I'm hoping its skinny post will hold up until we decide to redesign that part of the yard. So far, I really like it and I'm sure my mail carrier enjoys not having to come up my front steps to deliver my mail.
  3. Tacklife Garden Tools Set: if you are a city girl like me and have no clue what you are doing, buy this set of tools. I looked at a lot of different sets on Amazon but these were overall best reviewed and had enough of the pieces I thought I'd need to do some Gardening 101. With this set, I dug up the area of the garden enough to insert the post and then secure it in place with dirt.
  4. Gardening Gloves: These are the gloves I used. Are the ugly? Yes. But are they effective? Heck yeah! I decided to this gardening after I sliced my finger over Memorial Day weekend (naturally!) and these gloves kept my bandaged finger protected from dirt and all the critters living in it. Also, I can't tell you how good it is to NOT have ants crawling up your arm because you wore gloves that are too short. Trust me on that one.
  5. Stand-up Weed Removal Tool: When you can get a weed by the root, this thing is amazing! It makes pulling weeds a lot easier but if you don't get the full root, you'll have more work to do later. Again, let's say I know from experience.

Please note the links above are affiliate links; it would please me greatly if you clicked on them and eventually bought a thing (but not necessarily my favorite things) off Amazon so I can continue to afford to buy things, try them and write about them!