Bay Window Woes

Windows are great selling points for a house. They let in a lot of light, allow for ventilation and can afford you great views. But windows can also be a pain in the behind!

I speak for everyone when I say that windows are great from the inside-out; all the ways you can, on the inside of your house, enjoy windows. However, from the outside-in, there is the primary issue that windows can also let the outside in, which includes bugs (remind me to tell you the story about the bee in the new house!) and neighbor's wandering eyes.

I don't mind folks peeking into my house but I do worry about privacy as I don't always love to wear pants at home. Also, when I'm not home, despite the security system, I still want a level of privacy so I'm not inviting strangers with nefarious intent to push the envelope.

All this is to say that windows need some sort of window dressing for privacy, but also to look good. We are slowly but surely replacing all the existing blinds on the windows but we hadn't quite figured out what to do with the bay window until recently.

Bay windows are beautiful and let in light but are also tricky to dress. I wanted to do some pretty drapes a la something out of a West Elm catalog but we unfortunately have a big radiator jutting out that gets in the way of that dream. Installing blinds on our own sounds like a bad idea given the limited amount of space in our set up. Also, because our windows jut out and we have a window sill, pulling the blinds up and down was going to be a big hassle.

I posed the question to the Houzz forums and that was definitely not helpful. I asked a random interior designer who came by the house to help us with something different and he suggested roman shades which I don't like. I really cannot imagine cleaning those to be a fun task.

We ended up going with a totally different option which is to do cafe-style shutters. This means the bottoms of the windows we can close with shutters for privacy, or we can open those up to let the maximum amount of light in. Surprisingly, this option was one that my husband and I were in complete agreement on as it satisfied all our needs: privacy when we want it, light for my plants during the day, light when we want it while we are home.

So now we wait for 6 to 8 weeks for them to be shipped and installed.