A Little Update

Homeownering is in full effect!

Things that keep me up at night:

  • Getting a ticket from the Department of Sanitation for not sorting trash correctly
  • Waking up to a swarm of locusts in my compost bin
  • Finding a trap door with MORE stuff the seller left behind
  • Weeds! #explosivevegetation

In all seriousness, we've been getting a lot done to the point where when people walk in they say, "Wow, it's like night and day in here!" compared to when we first moved in. I'd say that's progress. Also, I've learned so much, including that I'm not half bad at spackling (small) stuff. Dare I say it, this is starting to feel fun — even if there are still some big looming projects that we'll have to tackle eventually.

What I find really fun now is buying things! Well, buying is always fun but now I feel like I can buy with the long-term in mind. When we were in the apartment, we were always hedging our bets "if we move." Now, I can buy things that will work for the long haul because, unless we have a huge financial windfall, we'll be staying put for a while.

And what's funny is that it isn't necessarily big things we are buying. For example, we recently bought a short filing cabinet / printer table for our new office space in the house. It was not little; it came in a very heavy box that took some creative lady brain usage to drag into the house and I had to bring it up to the office in pieces and assemble in the room it was intended for. I had wanted to get new knobs for the drawers on it because I thought that would jazz it up versus looking so plain. I thought this effort could wait but then, in true home improvement fashion, the screw for one of the standard knobs it came with was missing.

So, instead of trying to find the missing screw, I decided to say screw it (see what I did there?) and go to Anthropologie and find some pretty ones instead. I perused their website but had no idea what I really wanted. I dragged dear husband with me after a failed kitchen consultation with Lowes (go check out my Twitter to hear what I had to say about that!). We found 2 different options so we bought all of them.

Thankfully, the more affordable pulls worked great and I can return the rest. I think the whole set of 4 that I needed should come out to just under $40 factoring in tax. This is a relatively small expense (and a little update — no tools required!) that comes with a huge return.

I should note that some people will think this is sponsored content; it is not! If Anthropologie would pay me to shop there, I would take them up on it but sadly I'm just a super big fan of their style.