And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate sweet.

Moving stinks.

Well, let me re-phrase that: I'm thrilled we found our forever home so we probably won't need to move again for 30 years!

In all seriousness, things are going pretty well. The office is the next space to tackle as far as getting it somewhat together. I think the big elephant there (almost literally) is that the beautiful desk I bought off Etsy has not yet arrived.

And then there's the thing about our master closet. It's not great. It's a 2 foot x 5 foot reach in and that's not nearly enough space for both of our clothes let alone shoes and bags (most of which are mine but that's beside the point). We are using other closets in the house and have left the master one empty for the time being, but I think I've convinced dear husband to consider building a true walk-in by extending the footprint of the existing closet. This might be the first step toward building a true master bedroom suite with the attic space since I don't think we'll able to afford to do that for quite some time.

That's the real sour thing about all this.

Soo much potential but soo much expense! And there are some things we really must do versus things we want to do; real trade-offs have to be made unless there are infinite funds (which I can safely say there are NOT). But, knowing the challenges and trade-offs needed makes the final product that much more rewarding. There's a quote about this in the movie Vanilla Sky; something to the extent of appreciation of the sweet comes at the expense of having experienced the sour.

Essentially, in order to love, you have to lose. To have light (and photos like the one above), you have to have darkness. It's a pretty common refrain but I feel like I have to remind myself that you can't win all the time, no matter what everyone else's Instagram might be telling you!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm spending too much time focused on this giant investment and then I think, wait, I work full-time, train muay thai at least twice a week, am getting an EMBA on the side and want to spend time with friends and family (which is a lot harder to multi-task and, these days, requires a lot of advance planning!). It's okay if I'm not also: taking photos everyday, knitting, playing guitar, practicing piano so I can be more fluent at sight-reading, finally learning the ukulele, doing some painting or some other thing I feel like I should be doing. I conveniently left out writing but, yes, I should be doing more of that, too, though I'm doing that now!

And speaking of what I should be doing, I actually should be sleeping. Ironically, I left that out but it's necessary, especially on the eve of what looks to be shaping up to be a snowy Monday. Sigh.