Apple Picking

I was within a stone’s throw of Cupertino (by chance on a work trip to Northern California) when Apple had their fall event to announce their new lineup of products. There’s always a ton of excitement on Twitter for these events and, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I do enjoy a good silly tweet or two (the more GIFs the better!). And, as an iPhone 6 owner, I was anxiously awaiting to hear about what options I might have to upgrade to as my phone is starting to show its age.

Camera Roll
Camera Roll

I’ve been very happy with my iPhone 6 so what I was holding out for was wireless charging. I’m very happy to report that the new offerings (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) both offer this ability. And what’s fantastic about this development is that Apple is (to my delight) supporting a universal standard for wireless charging. This means there will be far more accessory choices available; in fact, even though the Apple “AirPower” stand won’t be available for a minute, Mophie has an alternative that will work and so does IKEA, for that matter.

To be brutally honest, though, I’m still not super fond of not having a headphone jack. It wasn’t the reason I held out of the previous upgrades, but it’s not my favorite feature. That said, I’ve been meaning to buy wireless headphones so this might be the impetus for me to find the right pair. I tried the Jaybirds and I wasn’t a fan as I wrote about a while back. I think the next ones I’ll try will probably be Bragi’s The Headphone.

If you are wondering which phone I’m leaning toward, I think the answer is really clear. I’m definitely going toward the iPhone 8. While the X is interesting with its facial recognition technology, I’m not sure if I need all the bells and whistles that warrant the higher price tag. I will gladly trade in my iPhone 6 and get a few bucks off an iPhone 8.

Also, am I the only person too lazy to raise my phone to my face? I often need to take a peek at my phone during meetings and I like the discretion of a fingerprint scan to do that. Also, I’m not sure if I love “the notch” that’s at the top of the iPhone X’s gorgeous display. It offends my inner OCD.

But, have I pre-ordered anything? No. I’m going to wait for the dust to settle — unless someone wants to throw one my way to review since the reviewer pool is very homogenous (cough cough, male, cough cough). I’ll probably do what I’ve done in the past which is to walk into an Apple store on a random day and throw my money at surrender my phone to an Apple Store employee and hope they’ll knock some dollars off the new phone.