Chihuly at New York Botanical Garden

A friend of ours suggested we visit the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) in the Bronx this past weekend to check out the Dale Chihuly blown glass exhibition. I happily obliged. The NYBG is one of my favorite places to go in the city. When I was "fun-employed" — that planned period of time between ending one job and starting a new one — I made a point of heading over there. I don't know if many transplants to the city visit it, but they should; it's a beautiful garden and you almost forget you are in the midst of 8 million people.

Conservatory Reflection

Also, the Bronx is not that scary! I'm forever tired of hearing people rag on the borough. There are good parts and bad parts of every borough in the city, and every city for that matter. #endrant


But back to Chihuly, the exhibit was fun to take in. The part that wasn't so great was the rain. So much rain. We managed to avoid a good chunk of it by starting in the covered Conservatory but eventually we had to run to the gift shop to buy an over-priced umbrella. Yes, we were so woefully under-prepared for a rainy day. This almost never happens to me but, welcome to summer in New York City! The weather is often so unpredictable, especially when it gets really hot and muggy as it had been late last week. You have to come to expect a random thunderstorm to cool things off a bit.

Reflections on the water

Pouring Rain

That said, after we got our severely-over-priced umbrella and then ran to the cafe to grab a quick lunch, the rain had mostly cleared. This allowed us to enjoy the rest of the outdoor portions of the exhibit.

Shining star

Once we hit all the beats, we walked our friends to their train and ended up walking back home from there; it's not actually that far, especially when you aren't caught in a torrential downpour! Thankfully, we made it home before the evening round of rain.

You can see more of my photos from the day over at my Flickr album.