Travels In Europe

It's February which means I'm officially back in New York City (at least for now). I've always wanted to travel in January and February but husband and I historically have rarely been able to get our act together to do it. This time, I was traveling for work so everything was booked and mostly organized before 2016 was over. Of course, there's a saying about the best laid plans…in short, they don't always go as planned.

I happened to be flying to London the day of the first major snowfall of 2017 in New York City. Of course it would be a snowy day! Why wouldn't it be? Throughout the day, I kept checking on the status of my flight and it continued to say it was "on time." Meanwhile, the cost of my Uber to the airport was double the cost of a regular taxi (hello, surge pricing!) and the fact that I even took an Uber tells you a lot as I never take Uber (for personal reasons I'll discuss at another time).

To make a long story short, my flight did not depart until FOUR HOURS after its scheduled time. I think I learned my lesson about flying during peak New York snow season! However, I did get to fly Premium Economy on a Delta flight operated by Virgin Atlantic. In this class, I was greeted with a welcome sparkling wine. Delays and all, I could definitely get used to flying like this.

Pre Flight Drink
I can get used to welcome champagne and a cute little overnight bag.

The luxury continued once in London at my hotel. On good authority, I booked The Goring since it was within the corporate rate I was allowed to spend (and get reimbursed for!). The Goring truly delivered. Kate Middleton stayed here? Yup, it shows. When I arrived at my room, there was a little wooly guy there to greet me and every day when I arrived back at my room he turned up in a different location.

Luxurious Room
Luxurious Room at The Goring hotel

There was also ridiculous turn-down service that included classical music, luxury skin products and a giant inviting soaker tub. I don't ever take baths but I think I took multiple baths. I told my husband that my standards of living had increased and so he needed to step it up when I returned. He was only slightly amused…

After London, I took the Eurostar train to Paris. That's truly the way to travel. The new trains are super comfortable. However. Definitely bring noise-canceling headphones. On the way to Paris, I happened to be sitting adjacent to some really annoying 22 year-olds who decided it would be a good idea to hairspray their curling ironed tresses midway through the ride. Headphones made that easier to deal with…as did Paris!

Paris and the Eiffel Tower
Paris and the Eiffel Tower

I really enjoyed the views from Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. It's amazing how flat Paris is. Usually I don't love flat, but it's so endearing given all the beautiful rooftops and architectural details. Definitely worth climbing to the top to see. After that, I wandered around Montmartre for a while and took some fun photos on the street.

Dog Squeezes into Photo Booth
Dog Squeezes into Photo Booth

I do have to say that I missed the ease of the Fuji camera I rented a little bit. I'm happier with the photos I took this trip but I feel my camera's bulkiness did get in the way just a teeny bit. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from renting another DSLR. I've decided to try Borrow Lenses for the first time and rent a Canon Rebel T6s. I'm really excited about it because it has built-in wifi which appeals to the part of me that likes to share stuff quickly on my Instagram.

But back to Paris. That Eiffel Tower sure is a beauty! Evidently, it's a major structural feat. I forgot the figure but it barely sways in the wind, despite being so tall, which is a hallmark of the engineering that went into its creation.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower, all lit up at night.

While I enjoyed Paris, next time I'd definitely go with my husband. The city of love is far too pretty to enjoy alone. For more photos from my trip, check out my Flickr album.