642 Things: A Houseplant Is Dying

Writing Prompt:
A Houseplant is dying.
Tell it why it needs to live.

Dear Sonny the Plant,

When I brought you home in your lovingly decorated rose bowl terrarium, you were accompanied by Cher. Cher was a beautiful succulent with long flowing tendrils and you were her more shaggy-looking companion with long sideburns. Unfortunately, Cher lost the will to continue and was removed from the terrarium.

We'll always remember Cher the Plant, and it is in these memories that Cher continues to live. This is why you must continue to live. It is through your vibrancy that we will honor Cher. From whatever big white soil terrarium in the sky that Cher resides in now, I know she'd be proud of all that you've become.

Your Black-Thumbed Owner

P.S. = I promise not to drown you in the love of my spray bottle as I grieve for Cher.