My Summer Fling

This summer I decided to have a fling — with long fingernails. It all started innocently enough, but I'll take it from the top.

My nails were so hot (pun intended).
My nails were so hot (pun intended).

Earlier this year, my nails were particularly brittle and I personally was feeling a bit run down. A couple of health professionals I saw recommended taking vitamins, which I started doing (of course, only the gummy kind would suffice). Being that I am interested in becoming pregnant in the next 5 years, they said it would be good to get into the habit of taking them.

Many women who take vitamins regularly report shiny hair and strong nails. I didn't have either. After chopping off my hair (I was due but my hair stylist decided to take off a little bit more than normal!), I did some research about my nails and came across a woman who recommended jojoba oil but overall proposed the point that the true foe to happy, healthy nails is water. Purportedly, the jojoba oil penetrates the nail and keeps the water out. She also recommended putting base coat on the underside of the nail to protect against water in day to day life.

I think the base coat advice really helped. What also really helped was filing my nails into an almond shape. I noticed that when I went with a more square shape, the nail (not just the polish) would chip at the edges. Removing those edges by filing into a different shape did wonders! With a few tricks (and perhaps the magic of jojoba oil?), I now had long beautiful nails. Long beautiful nails that held up during my Muay Thai kickboxing classess where they would hang out for about an hour or so inside my sweaty gloves.

Long nails look good and make it fun to do nail art.

I know many folks would love to have long nails.

Frankly, I discovered that they are more of a pain than anything! Lots of gross things get caught in the underside of your nail. I won't go into any more detail. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! Also, long nails make it exceedingly difficult to use touch screens. Typing out a message on my phone was painfully slow and made me consider trying swipe again on my keyboard (didn't really help). Same is true on regular keyboards. A little easier but still rather annoying.

Image of my broken nails from my Instagram account.
Image of my broken nails from my Instagram account.

The other day, on my way home, I was thinking about how I would probably need to just cut my nails because it was now starting to get old. I enjoyed them all summer but it was time to start preparing for fall anyway when I've always thought short, dark nails are very chic.

When I got home, I put my hand into a potholder to grab a boiling pot of pasta and that's when it happened: my long nails decided to break up with me, literally. Ironically, when I took my hand out of the potholder, the nail on my middle finger was totally broken off.

There was no going back and so I cut my losses (all nine other nails) and moved on with my life.

And I feel so much better now that the fling is over!